by - Sonntag, März 27, 2016

oh all the easter bunnys. All around the blogs, everywhere in SL and yeah, sure in your RL you will see alot of huge ears and funny bunny stuff. But I need to show you these cute dogs with ears, thanks goes to all the bunnys around which inspired me!

left funny bunny:

hair: rezology - Mhysa
face: Pink Acid - Akina /Latte *SkinFair*
head: Logo - Alex v3.0
bodyparts: Slink - Physique Hourglass v1.1
nails: Moon Amore - Antoinette Nails

top: Bens Boutique - Yasemin Tank /huddriven
shorts: OVH - Grace Shorts /cream
shoes: ChicChica - Kat /Latte *ShinyShabby*

bunnyears: Black Bantam - Cutie Pie Bunny Ears *Lost&Found*
septum: Swallow - Savannah Septumring /huddriven *group gift*

right bunny Nana:

hair: Taketomi - Jiao /dessin
face: L'Etre - Ivy /Cotton
head: Catwa - Annie v4.4
bodyparts: Slink - Physique Hourglass v1.1
tattoo: Reckless
 nails: Moon Amore - Antoinette Nails

vest: Indented - Kenya Vest /white *ShowRoom*
dress: Indented - Kenya Dress *ShowRoom*
shoes: ChicChica - Kat /sugar  *ShinyShabby*

necklace: Swallow - Lock of Love Necklace
little friends:  Black Bantam - My Old Bunny Pug *Lost&Found*

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