oooh my girls! Get ready for spring and easter-days! A long weekend is coming and I could be very happy - these outfits just hit me hard and opened up my window and let in fresh air and warm sun beams. Some bookeh around me and fresh flowers - here we go!

left spring girl:

hair: elikatira - Wendice
head: Catwa - Gwen v4.8 *did you try out the animations yet?*
face: Pink Acid - Bennette /mocha2 *SkinFair*
body: Maitreya - Lara v3.5

dress: Indented - Damaris I /gray Maitreya *a cute gift in store is waiting!*
shoes: ROC - Sabrina Heels /huddriven Maitreya

sunglasses: SU! - Pastel Sunglasses /huddriven *vip gift*
jewelry: PaperCouture - Deer Flower Set
bag: Tentacio - relax in the garden basket /cream

middle easter girl:

hair: AnalogDog - Washu *older gift*
eyes: SU! - Nova Eyes
head: Fiore - Precious
face: Fiore - Aya  /SPF25 *SkinFair*
body: Maitreya - Lara v3.5

dress: Cynful - Cynnosence /huddriven Maitreya 
shoes: ChicChica - Lucy /denim Maitreya *Lost&Found*

bag&buttons: ChicChica - Lucy /denim Maitreya *Lost&Found*

right bunny Nana:

hair: Spellbound - Medusa
head: Logo - Alex v3.0
face: Swallow - Lucy /caramel *SkinFair*
body: Maitreya - Lara v3.5

shirt: HillyHaalan - Andie KnottedTee /huddriven
skirt: OVH - Jeans Skirt /lightblue
shoes: Luas - Boho Sandals /beige Maitreya *Lost&Found*

septum:  Swallow - Savannah Septumring /huddriven *group gift*
necklace: shine byZD - Zoras PearlNecklace /boho
bunnys: Construct - Easter Bunnies *CosmopolitanEvent*