crash class

if you wanna start a new thing - you have to learn that before it comes perfect, you will crash from time to time. And the way it goes is not the straight way - but if you find it - you find it. And I found this cool stuff at Epiphany and just felt like - that is what happens to a friend of mine at the moment...
The Disaster gym set is a work from Tentacio & Psycho:Byts and it is like we know them - just awesome!
All you see you can get, the broken leg, the Inu, sneakers, body, outfit w. backpack and so on. Just go and have a look at the Epiphany!
My face on the left I found at kustom9 and Pumec did an amazing job this time again. We have got new ears and a new sweet face.... you should see them inworld! Sure the ears have huds to change every little part and you can just made them fit!
Right side girl wears a new face for Catwa heads too, it comes from DeeTaleZ and made me so happy cause of the perfect lips again..., here it is worn in eastern, but sure available in all beloved tones!
have a look at that beautiful face.... demo it if you like!

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