update your Catwa bento heads

Für alle deutschen Catwa Bento Kopf Besitzer, wenn ihr Fragen habt oder eine deutsche Übersetzung wollt - schreibt mich inworld an oder kommentiert. Dann werde ich das natürlich gerne machen und weiterhelfen!
I know - I know... you do not want to go there and redeliver again. But hey, you wanna stay updated and want the best of your product! So I suggest you take that taxi -TAXI TO CATWA- and just hit the redeliver-terminals (all around the store!) and get the newest version of your bento-head(s)

What is new on my head?
-Head’s rigging is enhanced for ears [For Catya, & Lilo only]
-Cut neck option is added
-Hide ear hole is closed
-None bento ears are added to the pack, this can be useful if you would like to wear a none human bento ears (interesting for the monsters!)

What is new with the animation hud?
-One more sad animation will call the tears to drop
-Static and animated heads versions in the pack are no more needed, static face button was added to the animations hud instead
-API button, for 3rd party scripters to call the animations
-After sitting, the head should recall the current activate animation (that was annoying some people!)
-Default lips can all be deactivated (yaaay!)
-Shorter delay time is added

-Default talk anim is switched to neutral at start up in 2.16
-Animations HUD Emoji icons are changed in v2.16 (cute gray cats!!)

What is new with main hud?
-Save and reload preset look buttons - that will save all the applied textures with their tint and blend settings to a preset look button on master HUD second tab, to recall again, this can help quickly move your look [textures settings] from one head to another
-Reset skin button, second tab
-Reset Makeup button, second tab
-Reset all button, second tab
-After each texture change, the head should force the layer to blend, hope this will kill the white layers issue, and also help the texture to rez faster (faster is better!)
-Added few more freebie tattoos and makeup textures (gifts?? more? wow thanks!)

-Odd lines from Master HUD, Fixed in 2.16

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