wind back Boss!

I have got memories of the 80's and I would love to wind back time, Boss! This time I did something, I really did not for a very long time - and hey! it was fun again! A hunt - a small hunt at a store. I stumbled over it, cause the name is Nana - sure I needed to visit a shop with my name! I suggest, you visit the store and try the hunt and then maybe you go and see the event news here:

Ultra  --  Rewind  --  Epiphany  --  Shiny Shabby

television (different versions available): Mesh India - Old Tv Decor Gacha @ Ultra

left bossi look:
cap & stole: Nana - Crown Hunt parts (more see o.b.)
face: Fiore - Aylah spf45
head: Fiore - Alura Bento Head
ears: Swallow - Drop Ears [huddriven] @ Shiny Shabby
body: Maitreya
suit: Belle Epoque - Paola [black] @ Rewind
socks: - Footless Socks [athletic] @ Rewind
skates: Tentacio - Lola maid @ Epiphany

right dancing look:
hair: Fiore -  Dramatic Pony
face: Fiore - Zandra spf25
head: Fiore - Alura Bento Head
body: Maitreya
suit: Belle Epoque - Paola [huddriven] @ Rewind
tights: Nena - Fishnet Tights v1
shoes: House of  Hucci - Bow Sneaker

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