Fiore goes Bento - and what we really think about it!

First to say is, I like this head! And I will blog with it from time to time! To be fair to all of you wonderful kissed readers, it is not perfect. Sure I always "work" on pictures, but I mostly do not have to change my shape toooo much to make something fit and I do not have so much expectations
We all waited so long for this moment, like the Maitreya bento update (but this one we have to pay for, Maitreya did update!) and then....
The demo is a mess - cause half of it does not work. Animations I could not check at all. Appliers did work, but with some glitches with the alphas (but we know these problems and it is probably something odd). In the end I was abit sad, cause I thought there would be more WOW - but it was not.
The face is sadly not smooth and I had to change a lot to make it nice enough to blog. Hard lines on my forehead and jowls are the thing what really makes me mad and around the eyebrows - jesus - I had to mask/blend the lashes 30 times, then an animation started (eyebrows just raise without any command) - the raised lip animation looks like all other openmouth ones. It was complicated to get a close up.
I spoke to some customers in store and with some friends - we all had the same feeling and problems.
I am sure - you will be happy with the face and if Fiore-Team still works on the head, we will get a wonderful looking face (like we know Fiore for) and all issues will be free-updated in future.
I wished they did a special price for the start or some pack owners get a reduction, do not know why they came up with the head like that.

Result: a really nice looking head with cute options (if they work right) - BUT they HAVE to work on it!!
Get your demo today here FIORE

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