random faces

we all know it is fun to meet friends on a hot summer day and start to hear music from a car and enjoy the time together... happy if a fire hydrant is broken and we can dance in the fresh cold water!

Get your fresh look on these events: Chapter 4  -  Cosmopolitan  -  Dark Style Fair  -  Crossroads  -  Dressing Room -  kustom9 

Car w. speakers: Mesh India - Truck Decor Gacha  [just 60L p.play] @ Cosmo

left fizzy girl:
hair & hat: Sintiklia - Jocelyn @ DSF
face: Pumec - Zizi [June] @ Crossroads (a closeup you can see in the post before!)
head: Catwa 
body: Maitreya
outfit: Kendrasy Creations - Raven Outfit @ Cosmo
shoes: fame femme - Tina Sneakers @ Cosmo

right dancing Nana:
hair: Foxy - Smitten Kitten
eyes: Lotus - Birthday Eyes [gift] @ TCF
face: Lotus - Mae @ TCF
head: Catwa 
body: Maitreya
dress: Cynful - Tangled Dress [coralreef] @ Dressing Room
shoes: fri.day - Stella Sandals (socks in 2 colors incl.)@ kustom 9