the truth about

us secondlife players is easy, we like to show our style, our personality or just enjoy the mix between game-and-real-people-thing. But the truth is - we all play with our puppets, we dress them, style hair and face, try to be very unique and in the end we can just switch the power off if we want. Hopefully you found some life in my puppet and my styles I try to create and let me send out a huge! thanks to all this wonderful creative people doing so many stuff for us! Thanks to great events like these:

Secret Hideout  -  Crossroads  -  Limit 8  -

all deco, furniture: Serenity StyleThe Atelier Couture, The Painter Place, Heavenly Feel Sets
puppets: Serenity Style - Emma Antique Doll @ Crossroads

hair: Sintiklia - Bella v1 [different verions/bangs & special colors] @ L8
face: DeeTaleZ - Valentina [mixedtype]  🎀NEW!!
bodyparts: Tentacio & Curless - Galatea Doll Lolita [RARE] @ Secret Hideout
suit & shoes: Tentacio & Curless - Galatea Doll Lolita @ Secret Hideout