sunny beach

yes it IS time! I am not willing to wear any long looks or warm clothes anymore! okay... in reallife - if I find a cute look in SL I will show it - but TODAY it is my sunny beach time! All the cool stuff you can find on these events: Dark Style Fair  - Crossroads  -  Chapter 4  -  Project 7  -

beachball car: Mesh India - Truck Decor Gacha

left ball girl:
hair: Sintiklia - Jocelyn @ DSF
face: Pumec - Zizi [June] @ Crossroads
head: Catwa 
body: Maitreya
bikini &flipflops: Belle Epoque - Summertime @ TCF 

right summer ready Nana:
hair: Sintiklia - Mimi @ Project7
face: Pumec - Zizi [May] used a different shape! @ Crossroads
head: Catwa 
body: Maitreya
outfit & acc: Belle Epoque - Summertime @ TCF 
all I wear is from Summertime Gacha - some parts are huddriven and all is full of fun!