The vulpine ghost or foxghost would be super happy about eastern! Eggs and rabbits... But some nice people guards the easter rabbits and eggs! If the fantasy level isn't reached for you - you may have a look at these events: Lootbox  -  Uber  -  ShoeTopia  -  kustom 9  - 

eggs w. nest: Aphrodite - Easter bunnynest -Free-
big bunnys: Malo - Big Rabbit

hair: Beusy - The Simple Hair Style
face: L'Etre - Aya [Buttermilk]
makeup: L'Etre - Aya [shadow #2 & lips #5]
head: Catwa - Lona
ears: L'Etre - Ringed mesh ears [huddriven]
facejewelry: Genesis Lab - Bini & Septum @ Uber
bodyparts: Vista  &  Maitreya
outfit: Tentacio - Kitsune @ Lootbox
you can get so many great pieces - please see all at the bottom of the post
shoes: Eudora 3D - Savannah [Suede] @ ShoeTopia

egg guardian:
hair: Beusy - TripleSick #3 @ kustom9
face: more more - Momo
head: Catwa - Lona
ears: Soul - Uni Ears [chimp]
bodyparts: Vista  &  Maitreya
outfit: Luas - Sayuri @ Lootbox
so many cool coloars available!
lantern: Luas - Sayuri [huddriven] @ Lootbox