first ice

 I am pretty sure we all know the feeling if we can get our first ice cream of the year and we just did wait for the moment the sun has enough power to wear our short clothes and feel summer coming! For the right fun Heart Homes did that amazing ice-truck and I need you to please - have a look at Sanarae!! There is a opening version which is great fun to see how all just gets ready and sure a static version - but both with alot of interactions and props for you and your friends!
Events you should visit this time: Sanarae - ShoeTopia - Cosmoplitan Event

hair: DOUX - Angela
face: Pumec - Molly [January]
head: Catwa - Lona
bodyparts: Vista  &  Maitreya
outfit: Bens Boutique - Alvina top & shorts[huddriven]

icecream Nana:

hair: DOUX - Elena [from the discount area]

lashes: okkbye - Evanescent Eyelashes 
face: Enfer Sombre - Sally [dolce tone] 
head: Catwa - Lona 
bodyparts: Vista  &  Maitreya
tattoo: T'Ink - Tooth Ache [arms]
collar: AsteroidBox - Bell Collar @ Cosmo
outfit: Severed Garden - Cinny [top&panties huddriven]
shoes w.socks: - Sadie Platforms [blush] socks are huddriven @ ShoeTopia