beach memories

nothing is more fun, as being with a friend on the beach and enjoy the first sand on our toes! For me the set from Serenity Style @ The Crossroads transported this feeling just perfectly and I really had fun doing this post! Have fun on these events:  Crossroads  -  Cosmopolitan Event

Beach accessoires: Serenity Style - Sunny Beach @ Crossroads [details s.b.]
free flying bubbles: Persefona - Soap Bubbles [rainbow] @ Cosmo

left beach Nana:
hair w. hat: litte bones- Hurt [older group gift]
face: L'Etre - Aya
head: Catwa - Catya
ears: L'Etre - Ringed mesh ears [huddriven]
bodyparts: Vista  &  Maitreya
top: Cynful - Coax Lingerie Bra [love it as bikini] huddriven
pant: Empire - Jeans Shorts [huddriven w. Straps]

right bubble fun:
hair w.cloth: Belle Epoque - Mila [ginger]
face: The Skinnery - Devon
head: Catwa - Lona
bodyparts: Vista  &  Maitreya
bubble wand: Caboodle - Goldfish Bubble Wand [huddriven]
shirt w. shorts: Caboodle - Suspender Outfit [huddriven] group gift