our time

sundays are there to meet friends or do walks with the family. Some meetings with friends can be very funny and more! You will find funny news on these events:  Collabor 88Cosmopolitan Event  -  Tres Chic  -

kitchen, table & chair: Lagom - Livin Eco [kitchen RARE] @ Cosmo

left redhead:

hair: elikatira - Quinn
face: YS&YS - Sidney [tone2] @ C88
head: Genesis Lab - Eva 3.0 [bento]
bodyparts: Vista & Maitreya
dress: Cynful - Goal Digger Dress @ C88

funny glasses girl:

hair: elikatira - Poppy (FLF)
face: DeeTaleZ - Michelle
head: Catwa - Catya [bento]
bodyparts: Vista & Maitreya
outfit: FA Creations - Inger Tunic Dress & Frankie Flower Ripped Legging [huddriven]
shoes: Lakshmi - Lacole Pumps [huddriven] @ Cosmo
funny glasses: Tentacio - Party props @ TresChic

right kiss me friend:

hair: rezology - Sky 203
face: DeeTaleZ - Snjezana
shape: DeeTaleZ - Snjezana Bento Shape
head: Catwa - Catya [bento]
bodyparts: Vista & Maitreya
corset: Elegance Boutique - Mona [floralgreen] @ Cosmo
leggins: FA Creations - Frankie Flower Ripped Legging [omega huddriven]
shoes: Lakshmi - Lacole Pumps [huddriven] @ Cosmo
lips: Tentacio - Party props @ TresChic