my feelings

for some people in Second Life are really interesting. I can hate and really like them alot! And same it is with fashion or styles - I found some great people creating stuff that really drives me crazy and I like them alot! What a wonderful fact!
Events you may visit this days:  Cosmopolitan Event   -  Ultra  -  The Liaison Collaborative  -  6º Republic  Event  -  Applique

hair: Wasabi Pills - Romy [w. and without hat] @ Utlra
eyes: DeetaleZ - Hypnotic
face: DeetaleZ - Madyson [freckled-mixedtype] @ The Liaison Collaborative
head: Catwa - Catya [Bento! Get your viewer update to see it]
lipstick: Pink Acid - Over Glossed Lips @ Applique
bodyparts: Vista & Maitreya
choker: AvaWay - MAdlen Choker [huddriven] @ Cosmo
outfit: Asteria - Ava Lace Top & Skirt/Panites [purple/pink] @ Cosmo
shoes: Avenge - Paris [lilac] @ Cosmo

chair & deco: Black Bantam - Wooden Antique AngelChair & Chains of Flowers @ 6º Republic