unicorn teatime

ooh Aphrodite did something magical to me - released this wonderful unicorns tea tray service!! It gives you a cup and you will enjoy the soft smell of unicorntea :) not from unicorns!! For unicorns!!
Great release what makes us happy! thanks Aphrodite!

the left tea guest:

hair: rezology - Sky 162     NEW
face: DeeTaleZ - Paula /mixedtype @MeshBodyAddicted  NEW
lipstick: DeeTaleZ - Lips glossy /apricots
head:  Catwa - Bibi
bodyparts: Slink & Signature
choker: Psycho Byts - Choker Bell /pastels huddriven @Manga Fair   NEW
outfit: Moda - Akasha /vest & shorts huddriven
shoes: Violetility - Summer Flats @Cosmo

right unicorn Nana:
 Pink Acid Lil Bub @Chapter4

hair: no match - no magic 4HelloTuesday
face: Le Forme - Maru  @Crossroads
lipstick: PinkAcid - City Girl @Appliqué
head:  Catwa - Bibi
bodyparts: Slink & Signature
choker: Psycho Byts - Choker Bell /pastels huddriven @Manga Fair   NEW
dress: Moda - Prissy /leather huddriven
shoes: Violetility - Summer Flats @Cosmo