so light

if you translate that word for word it means so easy in german. There are some funny translations if you use single words - and that was a nice mix. I felt very easy, cause the new stuff is so so wonderful - cute and just so kissable!
left balloon Nana:
hair: rezology - Thunder
ears: Swallow - Shiny Ears /huddriven
face: Le Forme - Maru  @Crossroads
head:  Catwa - Bibi
bodyparts: Slink & Signature 
jewelry: AvaWay - Helena Choker & Bracelet huddriven @Crossroads
outfit with tiara and ballons: Moon Amore - Giovanna @Collabor88 
balloons are the birthday gift :)
shoes: ChicChica - Phoebe /nude @Liaison

right light girl:
hair: rezology - Butterfly 124
face: DeeTaleZ - Paula /mixedtype @MeshBodyAddicted
head:  Catwa - Bibi
bodyparts: Slink & Signature
jewelry: AvaWay - Helena @Crossroads
dress: Cynful - Mai Tai (I <3 the cocktail!) huddriven @MeshBodyAddicted
shoes: Ricielli - Natana Heels huddriven @Cosmo