so happy with it

at the moment it is just all perfect!! I am sad, to tell you I have no negative to share! All wonderful here on Nana-Land! I am amazed how nice people are with me and how many good friends I really found and have around me!

Events you should not miss:  Epiphany  --  MeshBodyAddicts  --  kustom 9  -- Tres Chic  --

beachhouse & tablebench: Serenity Style - La Touche de Soffy Container @ Tres Chic
towel: Merak - Beachtowel

visor: Tentacio - Glam Beach @ kustom 9
hair; Truth - Tori [monthly gift]
ears: Swallow - Pixie Ears @ MBA Fair
face: Genesis Lab - Anis @ Epiphany
head: Genesis Lab - Anis @ Epiphany
sunblocker: Genesis Lab - We want Summer @ Epiphany
icecream: Genesis Lab - We want Summer @ Epiphany
outfit & glasses:  Mossu & Genesis Lab - We want Summer [huddriven] @ Epiphany
shoes: - Tania Sandals [Adobe] (were @ Uber July) 

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