don't know if we are right

but I know I fell in love with this outfit... so nice and detailed!!  Some new makeup and a new face from DeeTaleZ just came right to mix it up!
Events you may mix up and get a good mood: Epiphany  --  Uber  --

hair: Moon Amore - Mystic Star - Spiral Hair [ginger] @ Epiphany
eyes: DeeTaleZ - Dramatic
face: DeeTaleZ - Agatha [mixedtype] @ Uber
makeup: DeeTaleZ - Lashes / Eyeshadow Glam Liner / Super Gloss
nails: Moon Amore - Mystic Star - Glow Nails Art @ Epiphany
collar: Moon Amore - Dark Moon Collar
dress: Moon Amore - Cosmos Sorceress & Flying Fabrics RARE @ Epiphany
shoes: Moda - Lulu Blow Platforms [huddriven]