day off

we all need this day off - have a nice day with abit shopping and meet some friends. Sit in a little cafe and enjoy people going by. I take my day from time to time and enjoy blogging and SL after that even more again. Try it out - but go and visit these events:

wall drape: Merak - Wall nDrape [inspire] @ Shiny Shabby
house, table & drink: Serenity Style - My Dream Gacha @ Tres Chic
chair: Chez Moi - Polka Dot Patio @ Cosmo

hair w. hat: no match - no response [fedora] @ Cosmo
face: Genesis Lab - Yootha @ Shiny Shabby
head: Genesis Lab - Flor
body: Maitreya
nailpolish: Hello Dave
earrings: ChicChica - Nika [huddriven] @ Cosmo
bag: shine by zd - Chloe Bag [tan]
outfit: Belle Epoque - Giovanna [huddriven] @ Hidden Chapter 
shoes: Eudora 3D - Nina Heels [huddriven]

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