my remedy

soooometimes we blogger-girls just have nooo more ideas and are just waiting for the release, which is inspiriting us. And this week Pumec just did it... I had plenty of ideas but not the right flow! My remedy - this glasses and this skin on the Lona Catwa head! Catwa just made it for me it seems - I am so in love. The usual options - mixed with a perfect cute face - THANKS!
These events could be your remedy: The Chapter 4  -  The Crossroads  -  Arcade  - Whore Couture Fair  -  Uber

hairbow: ChicChica - Headband [nude] @ TCF
hair: Blues - Riviera {was 4 FLF}
eyes: Pumec - Mesh Eyes #13 [Catwa app]
ears: Pumec - Mesh Ears #3 @ TCF
face: Pumec - March RARE @ TCF
lipstick: Pumec - Lipstick #10 @ TCF
head: Catwa - Lona [bento] ♥
bodyparts: Vista  &  Maitreya
tattoo: silentsparrow - A Desert Sublime
glasses: Pumec - Vintage Glasses [opened] huddriven @ Crossroads
jacket: M.Birdie - Leah Look [jacket on shoulder2] @ Arcade
bra: Cynful - Coax Lingerie Bra [huddriven] @ WCF
bellychain: Cynful - Coax chain [huddriven] @ WCF
shorts: Pixicat - Sporty Short {was 4 FLF}
shoes: - Casey Plats [cherry] @ Uber