mad doll

nothing is easy - not even to be mad! I am sometimes in such a bad mood - I can not find words. But than someone or something crosses my way and I feel pretty good again! Like with the sad feeling of spring is coming so slow - there came this super cool spring stuff from Moon Amore at Arcade and made me smile again! thanks for that! 
Events you madly should visit: SkinFair Sim1  - SkinFair Sim2 - Arcade kustom 9

hairbase: Yasum - Hairbase [catwa app in different colors and styles] @ SkinFair
eyes: Pumec - Eyes Pack #4
face: Pumec - Astrid [may] @ SkinFair
head: Catwa - Lona [bento] @ SkinFair 
bodyparts: Vista  &  Maitreya
bow &fan & outfit: Moon Amore - Sweet Spring Gacha @ Arcade
shoes w. socks: - Dana Flats [different colors & huddriven] @ kustom 9