sometimes we wish we could exist timeless. And some stuff is just timeless - steampunk is always a point for me and I love the little details and yeah Eudora 3D just brought a lot of super cool stuff with that theme..there came rezology and wake me up with these cool wings!

gazebo: Eudora 3DSteam Gazebo (wonderful details you should see inworld!)

hair: Besom - French @ N21
eyes: Pumec - Mesh Eyes #5 [catwa] @ Shiny Shabby
face: DeeTaleZ - Donna
shape: DeeTaleZ (right beside the skinvendor)
head: Catwa - Catya [bento]
bodyparts: Vista & Maitreya
wings: rezology - Steampunk Wings
corset: N*B - Corset w. Pocketwatch [huddriven colors]
panty: JAS - Kreso [camo]
boots: Eudora 3D - Steampunk Boots [huddriven]