we fighted for you and new fashion this year. Wonderful outfits and great creations - I won in this fights. What for new faces we got from DeeTaleZ and more awesome stuff to fight this war!
Events you should fight for:  N21   ❄  The Fantasy Collective  ❄  Midwinter Fair

left warrior girl:

hair: Tuty - Vogue
face: DeeTaleZ - Vega [mediterran] @ N21
mole: DeeTaleZ - Mesh Beauty Mole
bodyparts: Vista & Maitreya
whole outfit: Belle Epoque - The Power of Will @ TFC
available in different colors - and two different weapons

right fighting lady:

hair: Analog Dog - dom
eyes: Pumec - TCF Gacha
face: DeeTaleZ - Snjezana [mixedtype]
bodyparts: Vista & Maitreya
whole outfit: Luas - Amarantha @ TFC
flowered sword: May's Soul - Ninja into the dark @ Midwinter

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