christmas fun

oh you should never forget to have fun - whatever you are doing. Prepare yourself for christmas, get the presents ready and do some great pictures and blog!! I had so so much fun with the news at Cosmo this round - oooh my gooosh - and please see, there is an advents-tree this year again, with cool presents for you all!
fun with Events:  kustom 9  ✰  Cosmopolitan Event  

left loving Nana:

hair w.cap: Pink Hustler - 8109
eyes: Avi-Glam - Entice Eyes [huddriven] @ Cosmo
ears: Swallow - Punky Ears [huddriven] @ kustom 9
face: The Skinnery - Soojin
bodyparts: Vista & Maitreya
pullover: F.A.T - Jimmy Pullover [blue/neckpart huddriven] @ Cosmo
pants: A&D - Devora Pants [huddriven] @ Cosmo
boots: ROC - Combat Boots [huddriven]

right having fun:

hair w.cap: bade - Tony [huddriven] @ Cosmo
eyes: Avi-Glam - Entice Eyes [huddriven] @ Cosmo
ears: Swallow - Punky Ears [huddriven] @ kustom 9
face: CandyDoll - Nicole [tone6] @ kustom 9
bodyparts: Vista & Maitreya
scarf: Meva - Philora Scarf [huddriven] @ Cosmo Adventskalender Gift
dress: Lakshmi - Olive Outfit [huddriven] @ Cosmo
tights: Clockhaus - Amalia Tights @ Cosmo Adventskalender Gift
boots: Italiano - Omega Boots [huddriven] @ Cosmo

The awesome and funny fireplace with Santa coming out is from Mesh India and available at Cosmo - thanks for this cute stuff!!

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