the very next day

you gave it away.... oh this song is so very nice... still is for me! I like it, no matter what others say! ahahaha like some stores - others do not like, but I am still with them, cause I am not never into blabla, I just like the result.

Events you should visit the next days: kustom 9  ✰  Tres Chic  

left next girl:

muffs: Zenith - Bow Earmuffs [choco] @ kustom 9
hair: DUE - Soup [ombre4] @ kustom 9
face: Le Forme - Yuki
head: Catwa - Catya
bodyparts: Vista & Maitreya
sweater w. huddriven hands: Zenith - Winter Sweater w.bag @ kustom 9
stockings: Izzie's - Reindeer Tights @ MP 12days of Saving
boots w. socks: Zenith - Winter Leather Fur Boots [choco] @ kustom 9

right happy singing Nana:

hair: Slink - Tiffany [copper]
ears: Swallow - Punky Ears [huddriven] @ kustom 9
face: The Skinnery - Maddie [milk]
head: Catwa - Catya
bodyparts: Vista & Maitreya
glasses: VCO - Zion glasses [gold]
necklace: AvaWay - Neva Necklace [huddriven] @ Tres Chic
shirt: Belle Epoque - Chistmas Tee [group gift] [huddriven]
stockings: Izzie's - Reindeer Tights @ MP 12days of Saving
shoes: Bleich - Dorian [Salmon]

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