ooh how I love these mornings, me and my coffee. Silent and shopping. Perfect time to create a new feeling and take a picture of it.
Events you should visit for that feeling: Fantasy Gacha Carnival  -  Sad November  -  The Chapter Four

outstanding exterior: May's Soul - Alchemy Garden @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
everything you can see you can get: bones of the last dragon, small lake RARE, water branches & plants, the lantern and the stone or wooden doors as entry to your hidden new garden!

hair: DOUX - Elena @ SadNovember
eyes: Avi Glam - Melancholia Eyes @ SadNovember
head: .offbeat. - Nana [basic / lip103] @ The Chapter 4 
bodyparts: Vista & Maitreya
outfit: Luas - Iriana @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Iriana parts: Top & Skirt [white], Thighband RARE, Gloves RARE [all huddriven]

welcome to my mornings!