check your love

from time to time  -  we should check our love and feelings we have! Some check the cellphone of the partner, but we should not do that! nope! no! But I know its hard... nosy girls! Check more events this weekend to have fun and leave the bad feelings -

left dark nosy:

hair: rezology - Moonlight
face: LAQ
head: LAQ - Trinity 1.5
bodyparts: Slink 
tattoo: Reckless - Fin 4 SaturdaySale
nailpolish: Hello Dave
ring: Swallow - Key of Love kustom9
outfit: Asteria - Claven [black] Cosmo
flipflops: JAS - Butterfly [huddriven] Cosmo

cellphone: Since1975 - Phone&Case Golden
pose: {QP} - Reflection

right pink blonde:

hair: rezology - Sleek and Centered 2
face: Lakshmi - Jael [pale] Cosmo
bodyparts: Slink 
tattoo: Reckless - 13 @ Ultra
nailpolish: Hello Dave
ring: Swallow - Lock of Love kustom9
outfit: Asteria - Claven [soft pink] Cosmo
flipflops: JAS - Butterfly [huddriven] Cosmo