oh I go crazy for events if they have nice stuff! Get ready for some fantasy stuff! Fantasy Gacha Carnival is opening soon - and I wanna give you a little eye on whats coming here:

outfit in blood from Jang'ka will be at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival and the helmet will be ultra rare - the Pauldrons rare and the top uncommon. All you see will be available, even the cool fitting sword! The Griffon will be there for male too I think!? Have a look for the Grand Opening:          August. 7th - Grand Opening!

face: Belleza - Sara *FiftyLindenFriday*
head:  Catwa - Destiny @MeshBodyAddicted
eyeshadow: The Skinnery - Monarch 4MIX 
body: Belleza *update is finally out*
tattoo: Reckless - Nash