summer delight

all we want for summer is warm weather, some clear water and ? A FLOOAATIIIE! omg these things are so nice! In RL and SL! I just fall in love with the strawberry one and enjoyed it with some friends! Have a summer delight with Moon Amore @Epiphany

both avis use:
head: Catwa
face: ItGirls
braces: SlackGirl - Braces w.Gap
tattoo: Queen oF Ink - BadUnicorn @DesignerCircle

bikini: Moon Amore - Summer Delights RARE @Epiphany 
floatie: Moon Amore - Summer Delights @Epiphany
seal: PinkAcid - MyBabySeal @Seasons Story

stay tuned - more beach summer storys to be told!