damn we ARE stars! I like this outfit so so much and I have to thank punschi so many times - she always gachas for me too and is so so open hearted and generous with her friends! She is my star and if you like to see hers and Lisas details please click that link -> HERE <-

me in the middle wears:

hat: Zenith - Crimanal Police Hat /begie @Epiphany

hair: barberyumyum - 61 /brown
lashes: VCO - Bambi Eyelas /BType
eyes: S0NG - Cho /Lavi
head: LAQ - Mesh Head Trinity
face: LAQ - Wilma
bodyparts: Slink & Maitreya
nailpolish: Hello Dave

outfit: Zenith - Criminal Police /rose & begie @Epiphany