all the stars

are not to touch but the star gals can help! I was not speaking for a while as I saw this set and all the options and what I can do! Thanks to fantastic Moon Amore/Cureless for this at Epiphany and get your own star look with these events: Epiphany  -  Tres Chic  -  Limited8  -  Cosmopolitan

left queen:
royal hair, make up applier, throne gown: Curemore - Star Gals @ Epiphany
huddriven and wonderful!

right slave:
hair: Analog Dog - Gabby
ears: Pumec - Little Star @ Tres Chic
face: Pumec - Molly [may] @ Limited8
body: Maitreya
bracelets: RYCA
outfit: Curemore - Star Gals [exclusive!] @ Epiphany
shoes: ChicChica - Serena Sandals @ Cosmo

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