I loved these days on the market and I love shopping on marketplace... but honestly it is wonderful to go on some events and get a special set for a style you like to have!! Sometimes I guess we have to much events... but - otherwise it is fun. But we need less gachas!
Events you need to see:  Rewind  -  On9  -  Shiny Shabby  -  

chickens: Jian - Chicken Collection was at FLF

hair: rezology - Butterfly 179
head: Fiore - Precious 2.1
face: Mai Bilavio - Keli (Spf25)  @ Rewind
bodyparts: Vista & Maitreya
earrings: ChicChica - Apple @ One9
dress: Belle Epoque - Angela [stone] @ Shiny Shabby
shoes: - Polley Janes [sailor] @ Rewind

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