I do what I want!

and if I do it, cause I want it - I do it good! Great I like to turn a store-skybox into my home and enjoy the news I got on these events:  Cosmopolitan Event  🎔  

cupboard on the left w. lamp: Zen Creations - FunkyFurniture Collection One @ Cosmopolitan
plant and poof: Lagom - Living Eco [Gacha] @ Gosmopolitan
couch: Sources - Elpigorn @ Cosmopolitan
skybox: OVH . architecture - Teddy Store [demo inworld]

hair: rezology - GUY
head: Genesis Lab - Eva 3.0 [bento]
teeth, eyes, tears are included - eyes are huddriven colorchange of course
hud includes expressions, static poses and so much more - please check it out!
face: Genesis Lab - Eva [milk] 
bodyparts: Vista & Maitreya
fur around me: Kaithleen - Furry Nothing [huddriven/different bodyshapes] @ Cosmopolitan