why you hurt my spirit?

oh everyone has an inner spirit and Tentacio just found some wonderful Forest Spirits... I am sure, if you ask your friends, which one is closer to you... you will find yours!

Events you should visit for some fresh spirit:  11:11  ↔  Cosmopolitan Event  ↔  Tres Chic

Spirit: Tentacio - Forest Spirit @ 11:11
trees: Little Branch - London Plane [4seasons] 4 Hello Tuesday 50% OFF

hair: no match - no toy [ombre hud] @ Cosmoplitan
eyes: DeetaleZ - Witch [black]
face: DeetaleZ - Madyson [mediterran]
sad makeup: DeetaleZ - Sad [Catwa appl]
head: Catwa - Catya [Bento! Get your viewer update to see it]
bodyparts: Vista & Maitreya
tattoo: Aurica Store - Mango @ Cosmopolitan
earrings: Secrets - Gipsy [gold] @ Cosmopoltan
outfit: Luas - Free Spirit {blouse & Skirt} @ Tres Chic