sunday cry

amazing -still happens that we know someone or be the person who be hacked! Be sure to change password to a save one and stay away from "bad" sims. Mostly people are spare to call the support or something cause they visited sims they want not tell. Be sure to check your alt-accounts from time to time!

my sunday cry:

hair: rezology - Butterfly 069
lashes: SlackGirl - LashColl18 /for Catwa heads
tears: SlackGirl - I Cry /Catwa applier
face: DeeTaleZ - Lucy *special for Jessica*
head: Catwa - Jessica
bodyparts: Slink & Maitreya

dress: N-Uno - Dasha Dress /v1 @WeLoveRP
more colors and styles available!
shoes: Moda - PrimaPlatform Slippers /huddriven