Nanas Kiss

by - Donnerstag, Mai 19, 2016

even the name of the blog - can be ment like this. A kiss can be so different! From soft like a strawberry cream bonbon to hard and nearly bloody. Like the fashion I show. My mood and my fashion change - days can be hard and dark or wonderful light and white. And so I was absolut happy with the new heads from Genesis Lab Ingrid @ Dark Fashion Fair!

dark kiss:

head: Genesis Lab - Ingrid 2.0 /vampire *Dark Fashion Fair*
makeup: Genesis Lab - Ingrid /GACHA *Dark Fashion Fair*
bodyparts: Slink & Maitreya
tattoo: Reckless - Chamber

cape: AiShA - Veleda Robe *TheSecretAffair*

jewelry: Swallow - Elizabeth Earring&Ring *ShinyShabby*
necklace: Swallow - Elizabeth necklace

white kiss:

head: Genesis Lab - Ingrid 2.0 /vampire *The Dark Fashion Fair*
makeup: Genesis Lab - Ingrid /GACHA *The Dark Fashion Fair*
bodyparts: Slink & Maitreya
tattoo: Reckless - Chamber

cape: AiShA - Veleda Robe *TheSecretAffair*

jewelry: Swallow - Elizabeth Earring&Ring *ShinyShabby*
necklace: Swallow - Elizabeth necklace

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