all my animals and pet friends can feel guarded in my arms. I would never leave them or do anything bad... I just loved loved loved all the cute news from PinkAcid/BlackBantam last time - all these nice friends we can have with us or just hold...

hair: elua - Pippa *Epiphany*
eyes & ears: The Skinnery
face: Lara Hurley - Tanya /rosepale
head: Genesis Lab - Emily 2.0
bodyparts: Slink *see there is a feet-update*

nailpolish: Hello Dave - Sorbet Pastel

dress: Salt - Raysha /apricot v1
shoes: Moda - Geneva Bow Platforms /huddriven

hairacc: PinkAcid - DaisyInSpring Headband *Epiphany*
necklace: Swallow - Three Crosses Neck /huddriven *BlackFashion*
piggy friends: PinkAcid - Piglet /sorbet *TheSeasonStory*

hair: Truth - Kora *Epiphany*
face: Mignonne - Fawn /neutral *TresChic*
head: Logo - Alex v3.0
bodyparts: Slink
nailpolish: Hello Dave - Sorbet Pastel

dress: N-Uno - Berta Dress *TresChic*
shoes: ChicChica - Zola /toffee *BlackFashion*

hairacc: PinkAcid - DaisyInSpring Headband *Epiphany*
guarded friend: PinkAcid - Baby Sloth *Epiphany*