I think, the most of you already know - but - for all these, who did not see Catwas Mesh Heads, I try to tell you how awesome her new stuff is! Four different heads with wordless options to change the face animation via upgrade. Even the normal version has cute animations to choose from. 

I suggest to go to Catwa Mainstore and have a look over the nice news and get your updated version, if you do not already have. If you are not sure, what head you would like to wear next - try out a demo from Marketplace.

Infos about my style will be full in the next post! So stay tuned and have a wonderful weekend!

direct links to the mesh head demos here:

direkt links to the heads here:

Annie  -  Annie Vampire  -  Gwen  -  Jessica

direct links to the upgrade huds here:

Annie  -  Annie Vampire  -  Gwen  -  Jessica

Enjoy your Second Life..... now even more!?