by - Sonntag, April 24, 2016

the call of the sirens... the crying hearts... the loud sound of a broken heart. Even if I am happy as hell at the moment, I can still remember these moments and the feeling. So I decided to do a picture like that - even if I normally see Moon Amore Creations as something fresh and funny, cute and smiling...

left siren:
hair: Catwa - Wet Lucy /silver
face: Egozy - Shenty /porcelain
head: Catwa - Aisha v4.9 already updated :)
bodyparts: Slink

outfit: Moon Amore - Amphitrite *Ephphany*

right siren:
hair: Besom - Burn Down *Ephphany*
face: DeeTaleZ - Gulia /european *TresChic*
head: Catwa - Sarah v4.8 /but updates are for redelievery!
bodyparts: Slink
nails: Moon Amore - Ocean Nails *NTwenty1*

outfit: Moon Amore - Amphitrite *Ephphany*

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